Foodja is a free service for employers who want to offer an exciting restaurant delivery option as an amenity in the workplace. Each day, employees can choose from the most popular restaurants for delivery to your workplace. No inexperienced drivers, just the best restaurants with professional delivery.


How Does Foodja Work?



Contact us to activate Foodja in your workplace and confirm a drop-off location.



Employees visit to choose from the best local restaurants directly on their mobile device. Restaurant menus are exactly the same as if they ordered directly from the restaurant.



Employees place orders to have their food delivered at set times throughout the day. We never markup the menu prices and delivery is free from most restaurants.



Professional drivers deliver lunch, snacks, dinner, and more to our designated location on-site. Once the food arrives we'll send text notifications to let everyone know it's ready to enjoy!

Some of the companies who count on us to feed their teams

Why choose foodja?

As an employer, it's important to offer the right amenities to make the workplace more enjoyable for your employees. With Foodja, you can provide employees an exciting meal experience for free, and without the need for sponsoring meals or having an on-site restaurant. For employers who want to sponsor all or part of a meal, that option is available as well.

Happier Employees

Foodja helps build a fun workplace culture where employees can discuss restaurant selections and have a group dining experience without the need to leave the office. Plus, employers who offer Foodja as an amenity find that it helps attract talent as well as improve employee productivity and retention.

Better Value

We never mark up the cost of the menu items from our restaurant partners. You and your employees can feel confident knowing that you're receiving the same price and portions as you would in the restaurant.

More Variety

Employees can order individual meals from a rotating list of recognizable restaurant brands which are curated by our experts. Whether it's the latest chicken sandwich craze, or the trendiest taco fusions, our team works hard to bring you exciting food so your employees never experience "menu boredom" again.

Easy Management

Foodja is completely self-serve so employees can sign-up, place, and modify orders on their own. Dedicated drivers deliver clearly labeled meals to the same location each day and employees receive a text notification when their food arrives. With Foodja, dealing with order changes and coordinating with random drivers is a thing of the past!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Foodja makes it easy to add or remove ingredients during the order process and you can even add special instructions for a truly custom meal experience.
We want to make sure your food is delivered fresh for you to enjoy, so we’ll notify you once it arrives via email or text message. Just be sure to turn these notification settings on within the “My Profile” section of your account.
Delivery is free from most restaurants and Foodja does not mark up the food price. Be prepared to save up to 30-50% over some delivery platforms!
We want to make sure that you’re happy with our service. If you need help or have general questions, reach out to us at or call us at 657-203-8537.
We partner with thousands of your favorite local restaurants and recognizable brands. Plus, we're constantly adding new restaurants based on feedback from our customers.
Yes, employers can sponsor all or part of their employee's meals as a work benefit. With our exclusive co-pay option an employer can also pay a percentage of the meal, for example 50% of the meal up to a set amount.


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