Virtual Café: Curated Office Lunch Delivery Service

The Ultimate
Office Lunch Program

Virtual Café from The Office Express is the most exciting lunch program for employees, who can order personalized meals from thousands of their favorite restaurants. For employers who want to offer a lunch program as a benefit, Virtual Cafe is the most affordable option on the market.

How It Works


Order Online

Each employee orders their individual meal from a list of their favorite restaurants. They can personalize their meals and place orders for the entire week for a truly low-touch process.

We handle the rest

Our dedicated customer service team oversees the orders and manages the delivery process to ensure that each employee's personalized meal is delivered on-time each and every day.

Love your meals

When orders arrive we'll place them on custom racks in your lunchroom and notify your employees via text message that their fresh, custom order is ready for them to enjoy.

Some of the companies who count on us to feed their teams

Why choose virtual cafe
for your lunch program?

Lunch programs help attract the best talent and improve employee productivity, but traditional ordering methods can be messy and time consuming. Fortunately, there's a better way. Here are some of the benefits of using Virtual Café for your lunch program.

More Variety

Employees can order personalized meals from thousands of rotating restaurants which are curated by our experts. With Virtual Café you'll never waste time searching for a single restaurant that can accommodate all employees.

More Customization

Most meal programs only offer cookie-cutter menu options which leave you wanting more. With Virtual Café, your employees can choose from the entire menu as if they were ordering directly from the restaurant, and they can customize each and every item for a truly individual experience.

Flexible Budgeting

Sponsor as much or as little of your employees lunch as your budget allows. Our Flexpay option allows your employees to easily pay the difference between the sponsored amount and their order amount.

Better Value

At The Office Express we never mark up the cost of the menu items from our restaurant partners. You and your employees can feel confident knowing that you're receiving the same price and portions as you would in the restaurant.

No Waste

Estimating how much food to order with traditional catering is always difficult and ends up resulting in messy clean up and leftover food that often ends up going to waste. With individual orders from Virtual Café, wasteful food orders are a thing of the past!

Easy Management

Your employees place or modify orders from within their dashboard and our team manages the delivery process from beginning to end. Billing is simple too, your accounting team just has to approve a single invoice each month for your entire team's meals!

More Delivery Times

Get complete control over the delivery times and meal types you want to set for your employees. Want to have lunches delivered at different times for different teams? How about snacks, dinners, celebrations, or happy hours? With Virtual Café you can design your own meal schedule and have your entire meal program run on auto-pilot.

Wondering if it's a good fit?
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